Pretzel Logic
by William J. Morgan
September 3, 1998
Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell now wants to sue the gun manufacturers because people in "his" city (the City of Brotherly Love) are being killed. Is he trying to draw attention away from the fact that his Police force is not doing its job? Or is this just more of the foolishness exhibited by the City in handing out syringes to drug addicts (I was under the impression that was illegal), the premise being that giving addicts "clean" needles would help curtail the spread of AIDS. Sorry, Ed, but AIDS isn't transmitted by dirty needles, it's transmitted by SHARING needles. Give two addicts two syringes, they'll sell one for drugs and share the other. The same twisted logic is used by going after the gun manufacturers for crimes that individuals commit. Perhaps the next time someone is killed by a criminal driving a Buick in a high-speed chase with the police, the victims' family should sue General Motors.

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