Art For Art's Sake
by William J. Morgan
August 18, 2000
I just read an article about a public fountain in Santa Fe that depicts a couple of kids havng a water fight. A little girl with a hose and a little boy with a water pistol. The reason this particular fountain made the news is because the water pistol is being chiseled out of the boy's hand and is being replaced with a nozzle. Can't be too PC these days. With all that seems to pass for "art" and most of the worst being government funded (see Andres Serrano or Robert Mapplethorpe), it's hard to believe that the innocent fun of a water fight could come under attack. I'm somehow not surprised that those who support garbage disguised as "art" also support gun control. Before long, they'll have the "Minuteman" holding a broomstick.
The individual who brought this article to my attention called the replacement of the water pistol ridiculous. Ridiculous isn't the word I'd use. Dangerous is more like it. The demonization of guns and gun owners is well under way. From complaints about gun safety being taught in gradeschool (by Eddie Eagle - remember, Joe Camel taught our kids to smoke) to unConstitutional legislation being introduced and passed by dems and reps alike. It's not the guns they're after, though, it's our freedom and liberty. It's just that in order for that to happen, the guns must go first. Nothing like an armed populace to thwart the machinations of tyranny.
"It can't happen here" they say. No? It can and it is happening. On both sides of the legislative aisle, the bastards are chipping away, bit by bit, piece by piece at our beloved "unalienable" rights. The piece of trash who has disgraced the Presidency time and time again, labors for more gun control. Millions of useful idiots cry for useless laws which serve only to make life easier for those who rape, rob, murder and oppress. The media prints and spews lies, twists statistics and ignores every instance of lives saved by armed citizens. With each passing day the government becomes more bold, taking whatever measures they deem appropriate to further their control and squash their opposition.
Folks, we are nearing the end. Stand up and speak out, or live with the empty security of slavery.

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