The Prize
by William J. Morgan
December 10, 2000
Over the past month or so we have seen the election of the highest officer in our nation's government turned into a legal foray. What appears to be a petty bid by the twice proven loser to steal the election holds deeper consequences than even those who are paying attention seem to realize.
There's more going on here than meets the eye.
What appears to be a coup d'čtat attempt for the presidency by Gore, is in reality a civil war between the left and the moderates for control of our nation. It's hard for people to conceive it that way because it's not North vs. South, East vs. West, Black vs. White and so on. There are no visibly apparent dividing lines or open combat, none of the sort of things that normally define a war. While the severity of the dem affronts to the Rule of Law is obvious to some, it is not apparent to most. The general population has no conception of the damage being done to our Constitutionally protected Rights, our Freedom, and our Liberty.
That being said, there is an even more serious battle being waged than the contest for the Presidency.
The prize is control of the People and the power to decide what is done with us and the fruits of our labor. This is what they are fighting for. There is no Good vs. Evil here, only Bad vs. Worse. The left is simply more ambitious than the moderates are. Oh, the Conservatives are participating, for what that's worth, calling and writing representatives, discussing it among ourselves, and even alienating friends and relatives who don't have a clue by trying to educate them. But our numbers are too small to have any lasting effect on the agendas of the major parties.
If the moderates succeed, we may have bought some time to turn the destruction of our Constitution away from its current course, but even if Bush wins, we can't go back to sleep. The moderates are taking us in the same direction as the left, albeit by a somewhat slower conveyance.
The GOP is not "conservative" by a longshot. They wholly support the UN, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, NAFTA, GATT, social welfare programs, and the government indoctrinated public school system. And too many of them vote with the dems on legislation regarding current attacks on the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Tenth Amendments, not to mention abortion.
Where are all the Conservatives?
Before I go on, I must say that I find it difficult to fathom that there aren't more of us out there.
The left support is made up of communists, socialists, criminals, and a host of special interest freaks who are "useful idiots", to steal a phrase from Josef Stalin. The moderates (read GOP) are supported by people who either can't make up their minds or are perfectly content with governmental "business as usual".
So where are the 83 million gun owners, the Pro-lifers, the Constitutionalists? I'll tell you. We're kept busy supporting the rest of them. Those of us with Conservative values are occupied with supporting our families and being productive citizens. We are the ones who are being raped by the government for the benefit of the non-productive.
Steal from the rich and give to the poor.
Some think that sounds like Robin Hood. It sounds more like Karl Marx to me.
We must awaken more of the sheep. There must be accountability, and without some semblance of control by the People, such accountability is impossible.

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