Where Are We Going And Why Are We In This Handbasket?
by William J. Morgan
June 28, 2002
Our Founding Fathers were not in the majority. They had "revolutionary" ideas that were unpopular with the masses at the time. But, thanks to their perseverance, commitment and allegiance to an ideal, America was born, independent and free. Once the war was won, and the danger gone, the People were all quite content and happy, even proud to be a part of this new nation.
The Founding Fathers crafted a plan, a document, laying out responsibilities and restrictions for their new government in an attempt to insure that this newly won Freedom survived against the creeping evil of Tyranny. This insurance policy of sorts was called the Constitution. It granted the government certain powers to act in the best interest of the People and enumerated specific rules in the first ten Amendments to our Constitution to keep the government from becoming too powerful and restricting those Rights. These first ten Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights.
Today, many of the People believe that the government, by way of the Bill of Rights, grants us these Rights. On the contrary, our Constitution grants no such Rights. Rather, it forbids the government to infringe on these Rights, as well as others which are not mentioned. Over the last two hundred years the government has become involved in many areas which reside outside of the limited scope of powers granted to it by our Constitution. Public Education, Welfare Programs, Affirmative Action, Foreign Aid, and Military Involvement in countries we are not at war with, to name a few.
This deterioration of our Freedom and Liberty has progressed exponentially over the last forty-some-odd years, nearly to the point that I fear we may not recover from it. The government is no longer populated by the caliber of individual that existed in our Founding Fathers. These days, the politicians dance to the tune of the mass media, secure in the knowledge that the vast majority of the People rely on TV, newspapers and Hollywood for the political scandal du jour, the dog and pony show that will keep them amused while the politicians continue to erode our Rights in order that they may become more powerful and exact more control over the general population.
They tell us that we live in a Democracy, that the majority rules, and that our government must evolve to suit the wishes of the majority. Not so. Democracy is (to use, once again, an over-used cliché) "Two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner". What we have here in America is a Constitutional Republic, the People elect representatives (who take an oath to uphold our Constitution, by the way) to run the government as if it were a business, to keep it running smoothly in the manner prescribed in our Constitution and to guard against the destruction of our Freedom and Liberty, the idea being to protect the Sheep from the Wolves.
We're at the point now where the politicians running our government act at the direction of those who control the media, and the media has convinced the People (now Sheeple), to vote for these traitorous politicians by portraying them as adversarial political parties, each working for the best interest of two opposing groups of People; Liberals and Conservatives. Let me assure you, while the two major parties each have their own agendas, they are not opposites, they are merely two sides of the same coin, both heading in the same direction, albeit at slightly different paces.
The following is a quote, taken from a book written over sixty years ago by a very famous individual. It pertains to another civilization on the other side of the world, but its message holds true here and now.

The greatest danger that can threaten a movement is an abnormal increase in the number of its members, owing to its too rapid success. So long as a movement has to carry on a hard and bitter fight, people of weak and fundamentally egotistic temperament will steer very clear of it; but these will try to be accepted as members the moment the party achieves a manifest success in the course of its development.
It is on these grounds that we are to explain why so many movements which were at first successful slowed down before reaching the fulfillment of their purpose and, from an inner weakness which could not otherwise be explained, gave up the struggle and finally disappeared from the field. As a result of the early successes achieved, so many undesirable, unworthy and especially timid individuals became members of the movement that they finally secured the majority and stifled the fighting spirit of the others. These inferior elements then turned the movement to the service of their personal interests and, debasing it to the level of their own miserable heroism, no longer struggled for the triumph of the original idea. The fire of the first fervor died out, the fighting spirit flagged and, as the bourgeois world is accustomed to say very justly in such cases, the party mixed water with its wine.

Our government, and indeed, our country has been infiltrated by these weak, greedy, and self-serving individuals. They do not hold the best interest of the People in their hearts, only their own immediate personal gains. They care little that they answer to an even more insidious power that intends to corrupt and enslave the People. It is their desire to remain in power for as long as they are able and have absolutely no qualms about selling out to whoever it is (in this case corporate influence, military desires and mass media) that can keep them there.
The power of the media to influence the People is strong. It directs how the People live their everyday lives, from what we eat, drive, wear and buy to who we elect to be our representatives in government.
What it all boils down to is that in order for the government to control the People, it must make them dependent upon the government for nearly every facet of our lives. They are accomplishing this through Welfare, Gun-control, Corporate Subsidies, control and manipulation of the monetary system (our currency is no longer backed by precious metals), Social Security, the list goes on. Such things should be illegal on their own merit (or lack thereof). Once the People are totally dependent on the government, there is no more Freedom or Liberty. People who are totally dependent on their government are totally at the mercy of their government, and have essentially been enslaved.
We're going to hell in a handbasket, as the saying goes, and we'd better start paying attention to what our representatives are doing.
You know, in California, there are sightseeing tours you can take out into the ocean to observe dolphins. They have enacted a law making it illegal for observers to feed the dolphins from the tour vessels. Why? Because the dolphins will become accustomed to being fed without relying on their own ability, thereby becoming dependent on the artificial food supply. Sounds reasonable, no? So, why, you may ask, is it a good idea for our government to make us dependent on them with Welfare and Social Security?
Dolphins don't vote.
BTW, the quote was from "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler.

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