Who are the REAL haters?

August, 2002
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The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) has a section at their website entitled Hate On DisplayTM Hate Symbols Database. Mixed among various and sundry prison tatoos and nazi regalia are such things as Norse Runes, Confederate Flags, Celtic Crosses and a clenched White fist, all included as "Symbols of Hate" because of their adoption by alleged "Hate Groups" (which, according to the ADL run the gamut from genuine nazi organizations to Black Panthers to Christian sects to groups made up of White people who simply like being White people).

Symbols of Hate

The ADL promotes the enactment of thought crime legislation (which they call "Hate Crimes"), and offers assistance to law enforcement agencies in identifying terrorist and "militia" organization members by teaching them how to recognize anti-jew and anti-government bumper stickers and such. In this manner, they apparently hope to make law enforcement officers edgy and wary of American citizens who choose to exercise their Right to Free Speech.
The ADL was organized in 1913 by a group of rich Jews specifically as a response to a notorious child-rape and murder in Georgia. Leo Frank was a Jew who owned a pencil factory in Atlanta. In 1913 he raped and murdered one of his White female employees, 14-year-old Mary Phagan. He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. The governor of Georgia, in response to Jewish lobbying -- and, most believe, in response to a large Jewish bribe -- almost immediately commuted the death sentence. Angry Georgians then seized the Jewish child-rapist and murderer and hanged him.
The Frank case was widely reported in Georgia newspapers in great detail and caused much hostile feeling against Jews. The purpose of the ADL was to deal with such matters in the future by attacking and attempting to discredit anyone opposed to Jews or Jewish policies, by generating pro-Jewish propaganda, and by exerting influence on legislators and other public officials in a more discreet manner than the rather clumsy way in which the Georgia governor had been persuaded to commute the death sentence of Leo Frank. Leo Frank was pardoned in 1985 posthumously due to his civil rights having been violated by the lynching. He was never found to be innocent of the crime.
After the formation of the state of Israel in 1948 lobbying for military and financial aid for Israel also became a major ADL activity.
In November 1992, after confidential police files were stolen from the San Francisco Police Department, an investigation was begun that led eventually to search warrants being issued. On April 8, 1993, both the San Francisco and the Los Angeles offices of the ADL were searched by police teams armed with these warrants, and more than 12,000 stolen confidential police files were recovered. Most of these confidential police files didn't have anything to do with criminal activity but instead contained personal information on individuals collected by the police in connection with driver's license applications, pistol permits, security clearances, and other routine matters. What the individuals in all of these police files had in common is that the ADL considered them "enemies" because they had at one time or another, in some way, opposed some Jewish policy or some Jewish interest. Some of the individuals in the stolen files were legislators or other public officials that the ADL wanted to bring pressure against.
Other criminal activity by the ADL in addition to the possession of the stolen police files also came to light in 1993. A San Francisco Police Department inspector, Tom Gerrard, who had been receiving payments by the ADL to steal the files for them, fled to the Philippines to avoid prosecution. And evidence was found during the search of the ADL's San Francisco and Los Angeles offices that the same sort of bribery, corruption of police agencies, and illegal collection of confidential police files was occurring in New York, Washington, Chicago, St. Louis, and Atlanta.
Unfortunately, the ADL already had corrupted the judicial system in California to the point that it was able to stifle further law enforcement action, and very shortly thereafter the mass media in California, which initially had given substantial coverage to the case, were persuaded to drop the matter as well.
Some of the individuals whose confidential files had been stolen by the ADL were not ready to drop the matter, however, and they filed civil suits against the ADL for invasion of their privacy. With the enormous resources of organized Jewry behind it the ADL fought these lawsuits tenaciously, appealing every adverse decision. Finally, however, after nine years in the courts, in February 2002 the ADL paid damages of $178,000 to the last three victims of its illegal spying. You didn't see anything about that in the news, because after the initial publicity back in 1993 the mainstream media have ignored the case. They continue to refer with respect to the ADL as a "human rights organization," with never a mention of its criminal activity.

The Jewish
Defense League

The fist & star logo is missing from the list of "Hate Symbols" displayed on the ADL "Symbols of Hate" page. This was brought to their attention nearly a year ago, but was completely ignored presumably due to both organizations being jewish. The JDL is a terrorist organization allowed to exist in our own country.
Recently arrested and charged with conspiring to blow up a Culver City, California, mosque and the offices of U.S. Representative Darrell Issa (who is of Lebanese descent), were Jewish Defense League chief Irving David Rubin and JDL member Earl Leslie Krugel. The JDL site is littered with pleas for information they can use to discredit the FBI informant used in the case against these two terrorists. The JDL claims Rubin and Krugel are innocent although FBI wiretap transcripts show otherwise. The charges carry maximum penalties of two life terms in prison for each defendant, plus a possible additional 75 years for Rubin and an additional 95 years for Krugel. The nine-count indictment charged the men with conspiracy, conspiracy to use a destructive device, attempted arson, attempted arson at a U.S. government facility, possession of a destructive device in furtherance of a crime of violence, solicitation to commit a crime of violence, possession of a machine gun and possession of an unregistered firearm.
The ADL was quick to condemn the JDL: Characterizing the activities of the organization - founded in 1968 by now deceased Rabbi Meir Kahane - as "contemptible," the Anti-Defamation League's regional director issued a statement "abhor[ing] and condemn[ing] the potential terrorist plot." However, there is no mention of these two terrorists or the JDL on the ADL website.